Equipt Women’s Best of 2022

Dec 14, 2022 | Quick Takes

As a public benefit corporation and early-stage startup, it’s easy to get lost in the barrage of daily details, tasks and decisions. The path forward is not always clear or easy, yet it’s always rewarding. It’s rewarding because we’re building a business that positively impacts the careers, earning potential and well-being of early-career women.

Further, we’re helping employers retain, engage, and promote their high-performing (and deserving) young talent. With our first full year nearly behind us, it’s important to pause and reflect on all that we’ve accomplished in 2022.

Top Highlights From 2022

We partnered with enlightened leaders and companies 💡

We’re grateful for the many enlightened organizations that engaged with us – from small agencies to Fortune 100 organizations – propelling us into 2023 armed with meaningful outcomes, optimism, and new possibilities.

Here’s some accolades from recent participants:

“Equipt’s 8-week Momentum program is a modern space for women to authentically connect on the actual ‘work beyond the work’ – much needed!”

“Momentum has really helped me see the impact I can make!”

“Equipt’s facilitators do such a good job at providing a safe, welcoming environment. It allowed us to let our guards down to learn and speak freely without fear of consequences. Being able to find my voice and increase my self-confidence was the most important piece of this program.


As part of Equipt Academy, we launched Momentum ⭐

With a proprietary curriculum, Momentum, is the first in a series of online courses. This innovative cohort-based program helps early-career women thrive by increasing their self-awareness, self-confidence and peer community.

Momentum is led by Katy Mooney, our Chief Learning Officer, who incorporates her decades of operating experience, executive coaching and enthusiastic teaching style into each learning experience.

Momentum Screenshot

We launched Coaching Pods 🌸

We also launched Coaching Pods, online group coaching for early career women. Each Pod is comprised of 10 women and supported by a certified coach, structured content, and group facilitation.

Darci Williams is our Head Coach and leads the charge for Pods. Known for her passion and joyfulness, Darci brings decades of HR leadership, talent management and coaching experience to Equipt.


We recruited a powerful collective of instructors 🔆

We tapped into the diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives of seasoned coaches and instructors to deliver engaging learning experiences in an inclusive and psychologically safe environment.

Our Instructors

We launched Work.Life Confessions 🚀

This online interview series reveals the trials, tribulations and success stories of women leaders and our allies. Each session is hosted by our CEO, Kelly Mooney, and co-hosted by a different Equipt participant each time. This unique approach helps cultivate diverse perspectives and sharpen our lens on how to effectively communicate with and engage young professional women.

Mark your calendar for January 19 when we are joined by Julia Boorstin, Author of When Women Lead and CNBC’s Senior Media & Tech Correspondent ➡️ RSVP NOW

Work.Life Confessions-You Should Smile More

We expanded the reach of our Quick Takes newsletter 📥

A must-read monthly newsletter for thousands of people (and growing), Quick Takes tackles one big topic each month. Our content includes curated insights, practical resources, and inspiring stories on gender equity progress. (If you know someone who would enjoy our content, please share it with a friend!)


We assembled a powerhouse Advisory Board 💪

We formed a diverse team of experts, operators and investors to inspire, challenge and coach our team to new heights. Mission accomplished!

Advisory Board

We’re collaborating with UCLA 🏫

Teaming up with The Anderson School of Management to work with five MBA students using Equipt as their capstone project has been nothing short of invigorating. Their primary research will help us hone our offerings, fuel our product roadmap and meet the evolving needs of business and HR leaders around the world.

UCLA Collaboration

We made need-based scholarships available 💰

We want our programs to be accessible to as many women as possible, so we ensured every cohort had scholarship seats available.

If you’re interested in contributing to a need-based scholarship or know someone who may want to participate in Equipt programs, but needs support, we’d love to hear from you.


We generated demand for private cohorts 👍

Based on feedback from both new and existing clients, we are expanding our programs to include private (internal) cohorts – focused exclusively on a single company’s employees to help develop young talent and deepen internal connections and engagement.


We’re paying it forward 💖

We’re giving back from day one. A portion of our profits directly supports the Equipt Women Foundation which provides emergency funds to single parents at Community Colleges in need of food security, childcare, transportation, mental wellness and more.

Here’s a thank you note from a recent recipient:

“I was wondering if and how I was going to be able to take even one class this Fall, so I asked for help. Because of the Equipt Women Foundation, I can keep working toward my life-long dream of obtaining a college education.”

Susan R., student at Columbus State Community College


We got together – in person! 🤗

The pandemic ushered in remote working and new forms of flexibility at a scale we’ve never experienced before. And like most companies, we adapted – and thrived. Yet with our core team living in every US time zone, we hadn’t all been in the same place at the same time this year until recently. Our retreat experience was connective, emotional and productive, inspiring us (even more!) to relentlessly pursue our mission.

Equipt Women

Here’s to thriving in 2023. May you enjoy meaningful work, equitable opportunity, and commensurate rewards.

THANK YOU for your enthusiastic and ongoing support of Equipt.

Gratefully yours 💕,

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Kelly Mooney
Founder and Chief Empowerment Officer

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