Coaching Pods

Online group coaching.

Coaching should not be reserved for elite athletes, corporate executives, or the wealthy. Group coaching provides access to a certified coach, with peers, in order to achieve individual goals, deepen connections and develop problem-solving skills.

Who it’s for

Women who don’t have time for a course, but want accountability, support, and the opportunity to develop an inner circle of professional peer relationships. Women seeking access to expert guidance, insight and facilitation.

Other considerations for a good fit:

  • Women in their 20’s and 30’s who need more connection, inspiration and support
  • Emerging leaders who want to stretch
  • Independent contributors who want to have more impact
  • Women navigating a male-dominated culture or team
  • Women of color who need more empathy, support and encouragement
  • New managers who need support, connection and coaching

This is for women who want predictable and inspiring continuity

How it works


We match women to a certified coach and a peer group of 8-12 women based on each registration submission. We have found that diverse groups that span industries, yet share some common goals are the most effective Pods.

We also offer private cohorts for organizations that want to facilitate internal connection and growth.


Pods meet for two hours each month for one year. All sessions will be facilitated to help each member become more enlightened, empowered, and skillful at work and in life. Because participants learn from both the coaching of themselves and others, attending all meetings is strongly advised. Each participant will receive an Equipt Coaching workbook as well as the option for the digital equivalent.


 Each session will include a goal-focused, facilitated agenda prompting deep conversations that require reflection, open sharing and confidentiality. The agenda flexes to meet the needs of each individual and the Pod overall, however, follows this construct:

Month 1


Sharing individual stories and building connections

Month 2


Learning self-compassion and design thinking principles to reimagine possibilities

Month 3


Sharing individual results and exploring resonance and opportunities

Month 4


What shift do you want to make and what support do you need?

Month 5


What are your values as you build your career and life?

Month 6


What are your strengths and how can you apply them more often?

Month 7


How do you develop a growth mindset and nurture curiosity?

Month 8


What’s your money mindset and how do you get smarter about compensation?

Month 9


What are the conditions under which you thrive and how to proactively strengthen fit.

Month 10


What impact do you want to make at work, home and in the world?

Month 11

Game plan

What’s your work.life game plan for moving forward?

Month 12


How do you feel and what are your commitments?

Peer Access

Each participant will be encouraged to connect with at least one Pod member beyond the monthly session each month. These are relationships to cultivate for connection, professional development and personal growth.


You will receive a weekly email for encouragement, inspiration and accountability.

What type of transformation is possible

Transformation begins with a goal. For example, individuals may want to strengthen key relationships, embrace personal ambition, avoid burnout, overcome imposter syndrome, get promoted, or integrate work and home life. Goals are unique to each Pod participant and supported by the Equipt Coach.

The time commitment

One year. For two hours each month. Coaching is a journey that requires commitment. Individuals can renew after one year to continue the learning journey with the same peer group or a new one.

The technology required
  • Computer (or tablet)
  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Internet Access
  • Zoom
When it starts

We launch new Pods each month, so we accept rolling submissions and will let you know when your Pod is formed and ready to go.

The Cost

Billed annually 
$2500 USD one-time payment* 

Billed monthly
$225 USD/month* 

*No payment due today! 

For individuals, this is a reimbursable expense with most employers. See our tips for how to get your manager to say “Yes!”


Get your company to pay for your growth

Retaining and growing talent is a top priority for every enlightened organization. That means they will want to invest in YOU!