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Equipt Women Membership - Member Headshot
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Equipt Women Member Image
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Invest in your

rising stars working moms new managers individual contributors young women

rising stars working moms new managers individual contributors young women

Through our transformational learning experiences, your employees will feel more empowered, develop foundational leadership capabilities, and become more promotable.

Equipt Women Member Image
Equipt Women Member Image

It’s never been more vital to strengthen your company’s talent brand

 We understand you need fresh solutions to tie skill-building to career paths, internal mobility, retention, and engagement while also attending to employee well-being.

Empowering, supporting, and upskilling early-career women is our specialty.

Achieve gender equity targets
Build a leadership pipeline for the future
Differentiate as an employer of choice

Learn About Our SHOW.ME Roadmap 

Learn About Our SHOW.ME Roadmap 

Get to Know Our Programs

Their future is worth the investment.


Cohort-based online course

A cohort-based online course led by expert instructors and designed for aspiring women seeking career advancement.

This proven, foundational 8-week program delivers transformational outcomes.

Coaching Pods

Online group coaching

Led and supported by ICF-certified coaches, women join a close circle of 8-12 peers who share, learn and grow together.

This coaching experience spans 5 or 10 months and incorporates components of the Momentum curriculum.


We help you attract, retain, and upskill your promising talent

Our hands-on, live, interactive approach was designed specifically for how young women learn, engage, and grow most successfully.

Our curriculum is informed by decades of leadership experience:

    • Leading companies
    • Hiring hundreds of people
    • Participating in executive leadership programs
    • Membership in Young Professionals Organization (YPO).

    And we’ve vetted it with dozens of Learning and Development and Human Resources Executives, Certified Leadership Coaches, and C-suite Executives.


    average overall satisfaction of participants in the first 10 years of their career


    of participants experienced more self-confidence through participation in our program


    of participants experienced one or more of these outcomes: a promotion, more clarity about the role they wanted to pursue, more confidence about their path to promotion

    Three ways to engage with Equipt


    Create Private Equipt Cohorts

    Bring the Equipt experience inside your company so that your employees can deepen learning and internal relationships.


    Design a multi-year Equipt learning journey

    Partner with us to create a plan to engage, inspire and develop your early career women.


    Reimburse Your Employees

    Support your team to use our tools and programs

    It’s past time

    Women are overlooked

    About 20% of women say they’re often the only woman in the room at work. And, it is even worse for women of color.
    Lean In, 2021

    And want to grow

    76% of Gen Z and Millennials say learning is key to their career advancement.
    Linkedin 2021 Workplace Learning Report

    Yet are struggling with stress

    Roughly half of millennial and Gen Z women respondents said they were stressed all or most of the time.
    Deloitte’s Millennial and Gen Z Survey, 2021

    They have minimal exposure to leadership

    Almost half of women say they do not have exposure to leadership – a critical enabler of sponsorship and career progression
    Harvard Business Review, 2019

    And little loyalty to their employers

    Just 10% of the women polled across 10 countries said they plan to stay with their current employer for more than five years. Burnout and lack of opportunities to advance are identified as the two top factors driving women away from their employers.
    Deloitte Women @ Work 2022

    Becoming a mom is one more setback

    Among working women with children, 51% say being a working parent has made it harder for them to advance in their job or career, while only 16% of men say the same.
    Pew Research, 2019

    If only companies would invest rather than replace, everyone would be better off

    U.S. businesses are losing 1 trillion dollars every year due to voluntary turnover. And, conservative estimates reveal the cost of replacing an individual employee can range from one-half to two times the employee’s annual salary.
    Gallup, 2019

    Be part of the change

    Rave reviews from employers

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