Q&A: Navigating Career Crossroads: When Your Role Doesn’t Align with Your Strengths

Oct 12, 2022 | Burning Question

I’m struggling to find my place at work. My role  doesn’t feel t aligned with  my strengths  and I’m having a hard time vibing with the rest of the team. It’s  only been a few months – should I stay in this role or should I start to look for a new one?

– Samantha, 31

 Starting a new role is challenging for most people, whether you’re in your first job or a seasoned executive. It’s possible you simply need more time to acclimate and get through the learning curve. On the other hand, you might need to put in more effort before you jump ship.

Take time to reflect on how you’re showing up 🤔. Are you curious and eager to learn? Are you making an effort to build relationships with your co-workers? Are you asking questions so you are clear about expectations? Have you asked your manager for feedback on your performance? Is this a company you respect and want to be a part of?

Getting a fresh perspective and feedback from your Manager is always valuable. To make the most out of that conversation, set the stage for success. Schedule time for a focused conversation and approach it with a genuine desire to learn and grow. Share your agenda in advance. Don’t catch them off-guard. and be specific about the feedback you’re seeking.

Instead of asking “can you give me some feedback”, ask “can we check in on my progress towards XYZ goal” or “I’d like feedback on my presentation in the team meeting yesterday. Was it clear? Any suggestions on how to make it better in the future?” 

This specificity will help your manager give you feedback that is truly helpful (and take the burden off
them to figure it out on their own). We all need feedback! It’s an essential part of learning, adding value and creating impact. 💕

And remember, knowing and activating your strengths is key 🏋️‍♀️! For inspiration, check out this Equipt post to inspire you.

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