Q&A: Insecure About Ambition

Jan 11, 2023 | Ambition, Burning Question

Burning Question

When I share my goals and ambitions for my life and career, I often feel like others are judging me. How can I share my dreams and goals without hesitation or feeling insecure?

– Carissa, 28


It can be scary to share your goals and ambitions with others, especially if you think you may be judged. You probably will be. That’s what human beings do! However, it’s important to remember that you have the right to pursue your dreams and set goals for yourself, regardless of what others may think.

Here are a few tips that may help you share your goals and ambitions without worrying about being judged:

  1.  Set aside time to dream BIG: Take time to reflect and journal about what you want your life to be in the next five years 📝. Identify and log your dreams. Think big and create as many dreams as possible around different parts of your life . Don’t censor yourself.
  2.  Own your ambition: When sharing your goals and ambitions with others, do it with confidence and conviction 💛. The world needs your dreams and ambition! After you complete your dream log, think about who can help you or what resources you need to make progress. Identify at least ONE action step that will move you forward for each of those dreams.
  3.  Surround yourself with supportive people: Share your dreams with people who love and support you and begin to assemble your personal board of advisors. This is a group of friends, family members, and colleagues who provide a safe space for you to share your ambitions. They serve as a sounding board and encourage and motivate you into action. (And keep negative or toxic people at bay. They are dream killers ❌.)

Overall, your goals and ambitions are yours. YOU have the right to pursue them regardless of what others think. And like Reese said, ambition means you believe in yourself and your abilities. Go for it ⭐!

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