Unleashing the Power of a Personal Board of Directors: Lessons from Industry Leaders

Aug 26, 2022 | Work.Life Experts

Whether you’re looking to make better decisions, reach new heights, or simply want to surround yourself with positive and supportive individuals, creating a personal board is a step in the right direction 🙌🏼.

Take a look at these three industry professionals that swear by the power of building a personal board of directors.


Katy Mooney

Bozma St. John is legendary. She has worked for 10 employers across six industries in her climb up the corporate ladder. Now she is the Chief Marketing Officer at Netflix. Check out this article where she discusses forming her own “Personal Board of Directors” and credits four people who helped her get where she is today

Jim Collins, renowned researcher and author, explains how a simple act led him to create a personal Board of Directors. He offers practical advice for starting your own personal board and how to use them when making tough decisions.

Katy Mooney

Lisa Skeete-Tatum, founder and CEO of Landit, a tech company dedicated to career coaching for businesses and individuals, breaks down the 5 people you need on your personal board of directors and why.

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