Q&A: Taking Control of Your Career: Managing Non-Core Job Tasks

Nov 15, 2022 | Burning Question

Burning Question
I routinely take on a lot of notetaking and party planning tasks at work. I now recognize this takes away from my actual job responsibilities. What should I do?

– Sarah, 29

First, let’s define these tasks as what they are – non-promotable work – benefiting the company but not YOU. This type of work includes note taking, ordering lunch, party planning, collating decks, onboarding interns, planning off-sites and more.

Sometimes these things need to be done because the team is in a pinch and you want to be a team player. That’s great, but when you become the go-to person for non-promotable tasks on a routine basis, that’s when you have to step back and reassess 🤔.

Share with your manager that these tasks are important but are detracting from your ability to do your core job. Further, be solutions oriented and suggest a better approach. For example, the responsibility for these necessary but mundane tasks could be rotated and shared among team members.

Hard to argue with that 😉.

Often, company cultures are blind to the inequity of these low-effort tasks. Help your manager see that rotating responsibility is a better approach. And, this will free you up for more promotable work.

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