Stop waiting for easy. Handle “hard” better

Feb 7, 2024 | Quick Takes

February can be brutal. 😓

Broken resolutions.
Valentine’s Day without a partner.
(Arghh….) 😩

Don’t despair. February is the perfect time to start channeling Glennon Doyle and Abby Wambach’s podcast that declares – we can do hard things!







YOU can do hard things, too.   💪

Even if…
>> You didn’t get the promotion you wanted
>> Your raise wasn’t as big as last year
>> You’ve slacked off on your resolutions
>> You’re feeling isolated or lonely
>> You’re working overtime because your team is short-staffed

Also remember, you’re not alone. 🤗

Sometimes we convince ourselves to believe that things will get easier as we get older and more experienced. Most things don’t. The reality is that we get more experienced and stronger – and stuff gets harder. Kara Dawson, head coach of Duke’s Women’s basketball team gave this truth-telling pep talk to her team last year, emphasizing, “It never gets easier. You become someone who handles hard stuff better.” (Reread the last two sentences.)

But how?

Developing a growth mindset is the number one way to handle “hard” better. 🌱

With practice, I’m getting better at this. I suck at this. It’s not worth trying.
I’m here to try, learn and grow. I am afraid of failing.
I know my value and deserve equitable pay. They will never pay me what I am worth.
I welcome new challenges. I avoid challenges.
I am inspired by others’ success. I feel small when others succeed.
I am open to feedback. I feel criticized by feedback.
I haven’t reached my goal yet. I’ll never reach my goal.

1. Write them in your journal.

2. Say these growth mindset statements aloud.

3. Put them on a sticky note on your laptop.

4. Practice them daily.

5. Choose one and make it your mantra when things feel hard.

6. Watch Kara Dawson’s video over and over.


You are stronger than you think. 💪

And, now you are more equipt to do hard things.

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