Q&A: Your Money Mindset, Practical Tips for a Wealthy Future

Apr 21, 2022 | Burning Question

I grew up with money being a taboo topic. Money was always tight and a divisive topic for my parents. Now, I avoid talking about money and shy away from advocating for earning more – which I realize is not going to serve me long term. How do I develop a better relationship with money? 

– Catherine, 23

It’s quite common to adopt our parent’s money mindset and carry it into adulthood 💵.

The good news is that you already recognize that you hold a limiting belief about money – one that can stifle your earning potential, your relationships, and your peace of mind – yet, one that can be undone with conscious effort.

When I was younger, I discovered Suze Orman’s 9 Steps to Financial Freedom which provided an encouraging perspective and practical tips that fueled my own money mindset.

Today, Ms. Orman hosts a new Women & Money podcast where she dispels money myths and thoughtfully answers questions from listeners. Tune in to help fuel your new money mindset 🎧.

You can also head over to Melyssa Griffin’s website to take her Money Magnetism Archetype Quiz to discover what’s stopping you from making more money and bringing your big dreams to life.


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