Q&A: Are You Overdue for a Promotion?

Jun 7, 2023 | Burning Question


I’ve been at my company for 7 years and have not been promoted. Lots of promises are made but then nothing happens. What should I do?

Ashlee, 26

That’s a long time to be in the same role without a promotion ⏱. Most employers expect employees to demonstrate mastery in a position for 18 months – 2 years before a promotion is merited. (This time threshold can vary significantly by company. Some are as low as six months, while others expect three years or more).

A few things might be going on here. Perhaps:

  • You work for a company that isn’t invested in your growth and upward mobility. If so, it might be time to go.
  • The company culture is such that promotions happen in a longer time frame. If true, you should decide if that culture fits your values and career goals.
  • Your manager isn’t giving you honest or regular feedback. If so, this might be salvageable.

Ask for a formal review of your performance 📝. This should include areas where you demonstrate high mastery and need to grow your skillset. Ask for this to be as specific and constructive as possible because your goal is to develop and add more value. This feedback could be a major unlock to your future career trajectory. And if the feedback isn’t provided, it’s time to polish the resume and LinkedIn profile (and we can help 😉).

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