Put a Bow on 2023

Dec 6, 2023 | Quick Takes

Shop ‘til you drop. Rush ‘til you’re ragged. Party ‘til you’re pooped. 🎉

These well-intended festivities may ring in the holiday spirit but can hijack your time and energy.

Suddenly, the new year arrives, and you feel tired, not tenacious. 😩 

Panicked, not purposeful. 🤯

Overwhelmed, not organized. 😰

Want to avoid those unwelcome feelings in January? Set aside some “me

time” in December and take stock of 2023. Celebrate your wins, reflect on your misses, and channel your lessons for the new year.

Here are 5 steps to reflect on 2023 and reset for 2024. We use them at Equipt and now you can, too.

  Calendar review 📅

Review each week of your calendar and compile a comprehensive list of highs and lows. In the “highs” column include relationships, accolades, new skills, new habits, accomplishments, and gratifying moments at home or work. In the “lows” column, include disappointments, setbacks, and challenges – and any relationships, habits or moments that fueled your “lows.”

Shortlist the highs and lows 📝

Reflect on your lists and determine what you are MOST proud of – e.g., where you grew the most, stepped out of your comfort zone, effectively self-advocated, or helped others. Then, reflect on what you are LEAST proud of. These might be opportunities for new habits, priorities, boundaries, or skill development.

Capture 2023 in a headline 📰

Summarize your 2023 in 10 words or less. Brainstorm a few options and select the phrase that fully captures your feelings about the year. Perhaps even one word sums it up.

Dream big(ger) for 2024 💭

What do YOU want next year? This can be a daunting question for many people so don’t rush to answer it. Start with a stream of consciousness or notes app. Then iterate. Get feedback if you need a sounding board. Push yourself to dream big…and then a little bigger. ; ) Capture it with an inspiring headline or all-encompassing word.

Stop, start, and continue ⏭️

Next, reflect on what you want to stop, start, and continue to fuel your year ahead. Say buh-bye to bad habits, distractions, and toxic relationships. And hello to new priorities, healthy relationships, and empowering skills.

Last, savor the process. You deserve it. 🌟

Settle in with a cozy blanket, a hot toddy, and some inspiring tunes. Use this “me time” to fuel an even better version of you in the year ahead.

Start strong in 2024! 💪


P.S. Want help becoming the best version of YOU in 2024? Good news! We now have 1:1 coaching packages available for 2024. Email us at hello@equiptwomen.com for details.

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