One Month Strengths Challenge

Jul 20, 2022 | Strengths

Over the next month, pay attention to the activities that make you feel strong, happy and energized 😄. Write them in the “Loved It” column. (A good cue is when you lose track of time doing an activity.) For activities that make you feel weak, drained or bored, write those in the “Hated it” column. (A good cue is when you procrastinate or muscle through something.) At the end of the month, the activities in the “Loved It” column are good indicators of where your strengths lie while the activities in the “Hated It” column are indicators of your weaknesses. Download our worksheet here.



  1. Keep track of how you feel in real-time ⏰. Don’t try to remember how you felt a few days or weeks ago.

  2. Focus on the activities where you are the active doer.

  3. Remember, you can be competent at an activity but it may go in the “Hated It” column if you don’t enjoy it or find it draining.

  4. If it’s more convenient, use your phone or carry a journal to track your activities.

  5. This is a good exercise to do at least once a year as a check-in. Your strengths and weaknesses may change over time.

Supplement your “Loved It” / “Hated It” results with the High 5 Test, a free strengths test that’s helped 2M people discover what they are naturally good at.


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