Work Life Confessions: Becoming Your Own Safe Space
Work Life Confessions: Becoming Your Own Safe Space

Tune in to our next episode of Work.Life Confessions: Becoming Your Own Safe Space. In an age of increasing isolation and insecurity, we know how critical mental wellness is in both your career and life.

Our host Kelly Mooney will be joined by award winning author and mental health activist, Achea Redd in an open and personal conversation on the importance of mental health.

More About Achea Redd

Achea Redd makes mental health awareness her mission—because for her, it’s personal. In early 2016, Achea, daughter of a pastor and wife to NBA legend Michael Redd, was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). Terrified and ashamed, the mother of two hid her condition from the world, but she quickly realized it was only getting worse. Her GAD, combined with her history of depression and past eating disorder, affected her both mentally and physically, culminating in a full-blown nervous breakdown. It wasn’t until she acknowledged the situation with her loved ones and sought treatment from her therapist and doctor that things finally started to get better. Achea uses her own life experience and mental health disorder to help women find their voice and let it out. The Precipice of Mental Health: Becoming Your Own Safe Space is Redd’s third book. Redd is also the author of Be Free. Be You and Authentic You: A Girl’s Guide to Growing Up Fearless and True.