Equipt Women’s Best of 2023

Dec 22, 2023 | Quick Takes

When we started Equipt Women, we set an ambitious goal – to help one MILLION aspiring women advance their careers by 2030. 🙌

Now in 2023, we expanded our community, launched empowering tools, and forged new partnerships – all moves that inch us closer to our 1,000,000 goal.

Over the years, I’ve learned the importance of setting ambitious goals, taking stock of progress, and celebrating wins. So this blog post is intended to do the latter – while keeping you informed of our journey.


Coached over 100 women on career advancement 🌟

We experienced the thrill of women getting unstuck, becoming more confident, and getting promoted. Through group and 1:1 coaching, they learned how to self-advocate, lead a manager check-in, prepare for performance reviews and more.


Raised the bar on Momentum, our signature program 📈

With learnings from multiple cohorts, we fine-tuned every detail in our 8-week self-leadership program. The result? A one-of-a-kind foundational learning experience for emerging talent. We ended the year with a rating of 9.2 (out of 10) for “likelihood to recommend to others” and endorsements like these:

“Throughout the program, I have had numerous “Aha” moments that have transformed how I view myself, my career, and my potential. The knowledge and insights I’ve gained have been invaluable, and I only wish I could have taken this program years ago. It has been a game-changer for my personal and professional growth.”


Partnered with Salesforce to help individual contributors advance 🤝

With 100% of participants earning a Certificate of Completion from Momentum, the Salesforce private cohort rated our program a 9.2 (out of 10) and reported improved self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-advocacy skills. (And, the company is expanding with us in 2024!)


Engaged managers to support aspiring women 👩‍💼

To increase our impact, we invited managers into the learning journey with a Momentum Coaching Guide to help them connect with and develop their teams throughout our program.


Hosted Empower Hours with notable leaders ⏰

We curated intimate learning experiences for our cohorts with seasoned executives including Kumi Walker, Scott Kerslake, and author Neelu Kaur (and yours truly!).


Tested and rolled out a new learning platform 🔍

After months of research, we selected and executed Disco, a community-focused learning management system. (Turns out great minds think alike. Seth Godin just announced he’s moving his altMBA program there, too.)


Created fun swag to inspire our cohorts 🎁

Everyone loves cool merch, but even more so when it arrives in the mail as a surprise and delight moment with empowering affirmations:

Advisory Board

Doubled our email newsletter subscribers 📧

Quick Takes was created to offer practical tips such as how to: network, build a personal board, improve fit with an employer, and self-advocate for equitable compensation. (If you know someone who would enjoy our content, please share it with a friend!)


Launched Burning Questions to expand our impact 🚀

Given the inflow of questions from our readers and learners, we began answering them twice monthly in our email newsletter. We covered how to draw boundaries, tackle tricky conversations, handle awkward holiday dynamics at work and many more.


Launched Resume Revamp to help more women shine 📝

As jobs became more difficult to land, we created a new online service offering real-time resume feedback. This enables powerful storytelling, inclusion of relevant bio details, and expert editing.


Launched Budget Genius tool to fuel financial security 💡

While we help more women make more money, we also give them the tools to make it easy to live within their means and to know what they need to earn to live the life they envision.


Launched Compensation Confidence 💰

For those who want a healthy money mindset and to know how and when to ask for more–with confidence–this self-paced, low-cost digital course is loaded with insightful videos, tips, scripts, and worksheets.


Dialed up our LinkedIn presence 🙌

By routinely posting practical and inspiring content such as overcoming perfectionism and tips for getting promoted, our LinkedIn followers doubled. At the request of our alumni, we formed a private group for Equipt Women to seek support and help each other. (Email me if you’d like to join.)


Expanded our network of colleagues and collaborators 🌐

We’ve built a mission-driven, inspired ecosystem that includes employees, contractors, collaborators, and clients who continue to help us help more women advance into roles of influence, impact, and leadership.


Paid it forward 🌟

A significant portion of our proceeds were donated to the Equipt Women Foundation, which helped over 300 single parents (98% are women) at community colleges access childcare, transportation, food security, and mental wellness–increasing their chances of graduating and a brighter future.

Phew! 😅 That was quite a year.

And we’re just getting started. We aim to double our impact in 2024 and invite you to help us!

Two ways YOU can help:

1. Share our newsletter with a friend or encourage them to visit our site to subscribe and explore our blog for practical career tips and insights.

2. Follow us on LinkedIn and engage with our posts by liking, commenting on, and sharing our content. This extends our reach so more women can find useful information to advance their careers.

Gratefully yours 💕,

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