B.Y.O.B. for Work.Life: It’s Not What You Think

Aug 17, 2022 | Quick Takes

Surprise! This is not an invitation to bring your own booze to work. (Although there might be days when that is tempting 😜)

Instead, BYOB is an important call for you to Build Your Own Board – a diverse group of trusted, smart and supportive individuals who serve as your personal sounding board. They can also be a source for inspiration, insight and advice 💟.

I realized the value of BYOB when I became a member of YPO, a global leadership organization. In YPO, each member joins a forum, a group of 8-12 peers from different industries with differing perspectives. Forums gather monthly to openly (and confidentially) discuss personal and professional challenges and opportunities. My forum quickly became my go-to sounding board for fresh, unbiased perspectives. Their reliable sage insight coupled with an occasional (welcome) kick-in-the-pants was often exactly what I needed to move forward confidently.

This experience helped me realize that EVERYONE can benefit from having a personal Board.

Whether you are just starting out in your career or have been at it awhile, making big or tough decisions on your own can be lonely and overwhelming to . Maybe you are negotiating a new job offer, considering a cross-country move, preparing for a big presentation or avoiding an uncomfortable conversation with a challenging colleague. If so, it helps to have an inner circle, a Board, who has your back .

​Who should be part of your Board? People who are smart, trusted, discerning and open. They listen, brainstorm, and help you weigh the pros and the cons of a decision or idea. They fundamentally care about you and your success. They help you grow. 💛

Do you have people like this in your life? If yes, you’re ahead of the game. If no, it’s never too late (or too early) to start.


If your work.life feels out of control, take control.

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