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Playing to Strengths

Playing to your strengths is critical to success and happiness at work, but most people don’t know what their strengths are. Use this worksheet to discover your strengths and how to leverage them in your

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Cultivating Curiosity

Curiosity is a quality that’s in demand by top employers. Learn why + techniques for cultivating more curiosity.

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Seeking Feedback

Seeking feedback can be scary but the benefits are significant when you take the leap. This worksheet shows you how, so you can get what you need to succeed.

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Finding Fit

Are you in the right role at the right company? Sometimes it’s hard to know. Use this worksheet to explore the conditions under which you thrive and what fits you.

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Total Compensation

Compensation is more than just salary and bonus. Way more. Discover the many components of total compensation that are possible + what’s negotiable.

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Emotional Awareness

Emotional awareness is step one to expressing feelings in a healthy way. Become more attuned to your emotions and learn 10 strategies for managing them.

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