Empower Hour

Money!?! Your safe place to understand and talk about compensation

May 11, 2023
4:00 pm ET / 1:00 pm PT
Cost: $20
 | Virtual (Zoom)

Money conversations are often awkward. But they don’t have to be. Do you avoid talking about money with your friends or co-workers? Most people do. However, who benefits most when you keep quiet about money? Employers. A $5K bump now could translate to as much as $600,000 over a lifetime. (Does that get your attention?) It’s in your best interest to make friends with money and understand the many components of total compensation. In this session with Kelly Mooney and Katy Mooney, we break down and demystify compensation, answer your questions, and provide practical Do’s and Don’ts for getting the raise you deserve.

Each participant will receive Equipt Women’s Total Compensation worksheet that will serve as a valuable reference tool now and in the future.

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This session will be recorded and accessible for one week.


Kelly Mooney
Kelly Mooney

CEO, she/her

Katy Mooney
Katy Mooney

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