Compensation Confidence

Compensation Confidence

Introductory Price: $99

You’ve been asking for it, and it’s here. Compensation Confidence: the first digital course (ever!) designed to help early-career women stop leaving money on the table.

This unique course reveals the many components of compensation – beyond just salary and bonus. Plus, we give you expert insight into what’s negotiable, how to negotiate, and how to troubleshoot if things go sideways.


We’ll get practical and teach you how to:

  • Shed limiting beliefs and se new money goals
  • Take charge of your earning potential
  • Know your worth
  • Prepare for a compensation review with your manager
  • Ask for more using our scripted compensation conversations
  • Successfully navigate the money conversations at work
  • Navigate push back or a “no” (it might happen)
  • Know when to stay and when to go



Kelly Mooney
Kelly Mooney

Founder and CEO, Equipt Women

*No worries, no risk

We are committed to your professional growth and success. You will have access to the course as long as it exists, including FREE course updates. If you complete the course and find it wasn’t helpful, we will provide a full refund. Simply contact us within 14 days of your purchase. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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