Coaching Pods

Group coaching for aspiring professional women

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We know that aspiring professional women are more likely to thrive (and stay) at your company when they are supported by group coaching. Our certified coaches help aspiring women develop practical workplace skills, increase confidence, achieve more ambitious career goals, and establish meaningful connections with colleagues.

The Power of Pods

Use the questions below to assess whether Coaching Pods fit your organization. “Yes” to one or more questions strongly indicates they do.

Do aspiring professional women (20s to early 30s) in your organization want to:

  • Stretch beyond their comfort zone
  • Build confidence and better self-advocate
  • Become more self-aware and skillful to create a more significant impact
  • Expand or deepen professional relationships inside and outside of the company
  • More effectively navigate a male-dominated culture or team
  • Experience more fulfillment
  • Have more support and tools to advance their career
  • Be part of an inner circle of professional peers at similar career stages
  • Benefit from the support and practical business experience of a certified coach

How it works

First, we meet with you.

We learn about your company objectives, current challenges and align on overall program needs. Based on our experience, we recommend 10-12 women per Pod.

Pods can be developed based on common functions or they can be cross-functional.

Next, we create a Pod Plan.

We contextualize the Equipt learning agenda to reflect the needs of your organization. This includes:

  • Selecting the Equipt coach(es) with relevant industry expertise and experience
  • Contextualizing the Momentum curriculum for review and approval
  • Designing new modules (as needed) to achieve desired outcomes
  • Developing a one-year schedule with monthly two-hour online sessions
  • Preparing communications to support company messaging/launch
Then, we
  • Kick-off with an inspiring session. We provide a keynote or a fireside chat with key executives to build excitement and buy-in around the importance of taking ownership of your career and professional development.
  • Issue a short survey. To understand individual goals and expectations, we conduct a survey that helps our coaches contextualize the learning experience.
  • Onboard the Pods. We host onboarding sessions so each participant understands the value of coaching, and the importance of personal engagement to get the full value of the experience and to build trust.
  • Coach the Pods. Each Pod meets online for 3 hours each month. Each session’s first half of the agenda focuses on connection, updates, and pressing issues. The second half of the agenda is structured content around skill development.
  • Engage the managers. We know that early-career women thrive when their managers support their professional development. As a result, we provide support communications to the managers throughout the year to help them have constructive conversations.
  • Encourage Pod relationships. Each participant is encouraged to connect with Pod members outside the standing sessions each month. These relationships fuel connection, professional development, and personal growth.
  • Measure the impact. At the mid-point and conclusion of the program, we issue participant and manager surveys. This allows us to determine the program’s impact and celebrate successes.
Pods produce powerful outcomes
Pods help women grow. Women who receive Equipt Women’s group coaching:

  • Expand their view of what’s possible in their careers
  • Build their confidence
  • Expand and strengthen relationships
  • Expand personal ambition
  • Self-advocate with more impact
  • Avoid burnout
  • Overcome imposter syndrome
  • Get promoted
  • Seek out stretch assignments
  • Integrate work and home life more effectively

The details


Five months. For 3 hours each month. Coaching is a journey and achieving the desired outcomes requires commitment. Mandatory monthly attendance is strongly advised for the best learning experience and outcomes.

The technology required

Computer (or tablet) Computer (or tablet) equipped with:

  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Internet Access
  • Zoom
“I am more equipt