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September, 2023 (dates per Pod will vary)

At Equipt, we think you should have access to coaching early in your career. That way, you can get the traction and support you need to grow and get ahead. Our certified coaches help you develop practical workplace skills, increase confidence, achieve your career goals, and establish meaningful group connections in an informal, online setting.

Is this for you?

If you are in your 20s or early 30s (first career decade) and answer “Yes” to one or more of these, it’s definitely for you! Do you:

  • Aspire to grow outside of your comfort zone
  • Want more professional relationships beyond your internal colleagues
  • Want to be part of either an industry-specific cohort or cross-industry cohort
  • Need support navigating a male-dominated culture or team
  • Look to reduce anxiety, unlock your potential and find more fulfillment
  • Crave more empathy, encouragement and tools to advance your career
  • Seek an inner circle of professional relationships with peers at similar career stages
  • Need support, insight, and real-world business experience from a certified coach

How it works

First, we match you

Based on each registration submission, we’ll pair you with a certified coach and peer group of 6-12 women. Right now, we’re offering two pod types: industry-specific and cross-industry.

1. Industry-specific Coaching Pods.
Based on feedback from the Equipt community, we developed industry-specific Coaching Pods to help you build connections, share common challenges and support each other. While we will offer more industries in the coming months, our first industry-specific Pods are dedicated to marketing professionals. Do you work in branding, advertising, social media, marketing communications, creative services, digital design, user experience or another marketing-related role? If so, a Marketing Pod is for you!

2. Cross-industry Coaching Pods.
Based on feedback from our current Pods, we made some changes. The Pods will meet more frequently but require a smaller time commitment overall. This is ideal for you if you want to build professional relationships outside of your industry to grow your awareness, skills and perspective – and/or may be considering a career pivot and are seeking inspiration.

Then, we meet with you.

Get together with your coach and your peer group for one hour twice per month (six sessions over three months). All sessions are designed to help members connect and become more enlightened, empowered, and skilled – at work and in life. Since participants learn in a group setting, we recommend that you attend all sessions.

What we’ll do:
Each coach-led session will prompt deep conversations that require reflection, open sharing, confidentiality and role-playing. But when it comes to meeting the needs of each individual and the Pod, we’re flexible.

What you can do:
Each participant will be encouraged to connect with Pod members outside of the standing sessions each month. These relationships fuel connection, professional development and personal growth. You will also have the option to stay connected in a Whatsapp group for ongoing peer support.

What Pods can do for you

Whatever your goal, our pods can help you grow. You can expand your view of what’s possible in your career, strengthen key relationships, embrace personal ambition, avoid burnout, overcome imposter syndrome, get promoted, or integrate work and home life. Goals are unique to each Pod participant and supported by the Equipt Coach.

The details


Three months. For 90 minutes twice each month. Coaching is a journey and achieving your goal requires commitment. You can renew after three months to continue the learning journey with the same peer group or a new one.

The technology required

Computer (or tablet) Computer (or tablet) equipped with:

  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Internet Access
  • Zoom

When it starts

September 2023
(dates per Pod will vary)

The Cost


One-time payment

(This is a reimbursable expense with most employers. Read our tips on how to get your manager to say “Yes!”)

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