How to persuade your manager to say “Yes!”

Enlightened organizations know their people are their greatest asset and typically reimburse employees for skill-enhancing programs like this.

Top tips for getting reimbursed

Tip #1: Flip the script

Consider this: If you purchase something that generates more value than the cost, it’s actually an investment and NOT an expense.

So take the current price, divide it by 12 and ask: “Would you be willing to make a professional development investment in me for less than $XX per month?”

If they say “yes,” then direct them to Equipt Women’s program offering. If they say “no,” it may be time to spruce up your resume.

Tip #2: Talking Points

You know your manager best, but here are some talking points you can use to speak with them about investing in you. Like flipping the script, it’s often easier to focus on the needs of the company and how this program will help you address them.

  • “I’d like to invest in my professional development so I can get better at ____”
  • “This investment will help me help the company in the following ways: ____”
  • “I want to become more skillful and a better team member as we work to achieve ____”
  • “I want to connect with a community of my peers to help me ____”

Tip #3: Send An Email to Your Boss

Personalize the email template below to ask for company support to participate, and reimbursement.