Marry Well in 2022 and Beyond

Dec 24, 2021 | Uncategorized

Did you read that title and roll your eyes? Did you question your decision to click and read further? Were you confused because Equipt is about empowering women, not sending women on a quest for financial security through another person. Or, maybe you don’t aspire to ever be married.  Stay with me for a minute. I married well. No, he didn’t have a lot of money. No, he didn’t have a big job with stock options or a trust fund.   Then, what did he have? Eye contact. Patience. Openness. A warm heart. Encouragement. A true interest in my personal ambitions. So, when I say “marry” – I don’t necessarily mean the legal or religious act of marriage. Instead, I am referring to a long-term commitment to another human. And when I say “well” I am not referring to one’s financial means or status. “Marry well” is about CHOOSING your partner – not simply being chosen – choosing to be with the person you love and who loves you ­­­– without conditions. It’s about being in a partnership of equals. A partnership that respects each other’s strengths, weaknesses, contributions and perhaps most of all, one’s ambitions. By marrying well, you select a partner who celebrates your successes instead of being ­intimidated by them. By marrying well, you experience unconditional love and support instead of resentment and jealousy. By marrying well, your life gets bigger and richer. You are catapulted to the life of your dreams that you create together. Life is short. Choose carefully. Marry well.  
If your feels out of control, take control.

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