Building Community on purpose with Doug Ulman
Building Community on purpose with Doug Ulman

Our host, Kelly Mooney, Founder and CEO of Equipt Women, will be joined by Doug Ulman, CEO of Pelotonia

In this live conversation, we will dive into: 

👉Doug will discuss how being a 3-time cancer survivor has shaped the way he lives his life

👉 How to practice allyship in the workplace and advocate for progressive policies that work

👉 How to build a thoughtful community for your work and life

Bring your questions and get ready to be inspired ✨



Doug Ulman is President and CEO of Pelotonia, the United States’ largest single-event cycling fundraiser based on ridership. Doug is a three-time cancer survivor and national cancer survivorship advocate. After overcoming chondrosarcoma during his sophomore year of college and malignant melanoma twice since, Doug and his family founded the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting, educating and connecting young adults, their families and friends, who are affected by cancer. He previously served as director of survivorship for the LIVESTRONG Foundation for 14 years, transforming the nonprofit into an internationally known brand and leader in the global movement for people affected by cancer. Doug has earned a reputation as the “Most Savvy Health Care Leader in Social Media” for his innovative use of social media to spread awareness and knowledge around the world’s leading cause of death. His online community includes a Twitter following of more than one million.