Community Guidelines

Equipt Women Community Practices

Welcome to the Equipt Women community! We provide a safe, supportive and inspiring space to learn and grow together.

We are committed to these principles and we will continue to update them as we evolve.

We are unapologetically ambitious

We declare what we want for ourselves free of shame, guilt or judgment. We do not allow ourselves to feel pressured by other people’s choices and priorities. We remember that we are on our own path.

We prioritize our well-being

We take time to nurture our whole self – mind, body and spirit. We understand that we’re in charge of our own self-care and when we prioritize ourselves, we are better equipped to help others.

We commit to being lifelong learners

We are curious to learn new concepts and develop new skills. When we participate with an open mind and a warm heart, we create space for others to grow with us.

We have the courage to fail and try again

We resist the urge to be perfect and, instead, focus on progress over perfection. We understand that failing can be a powerful way to learn what you want in life and who you want to become. We get stronger, better and wiser by navigating through hardship.

We continue to deepen our self-awareness

We understand that before we can lead others, we must learn to lead ourselves. And, before we can lead ourselves, we must understand ourselves deeply. We are committed to this self-reflective journey.

We ask for help when we need it

We are resigned to the reality that no one can do everything and asking for help is healthy. We are committed to removing our protective shields and accepting the support of others.

We expand our understanding and appreciation of others

We recognize that we have each had a unique journey and see life through our own personal lens. We listen to understand perspectives that are different from our own.

We celebrate one another’s successes

We recognize that another person’s success does not inhibit our own. They are not mutually exclusive. We can all rise together.

We help each other through difficult moments

We are attuned to the needs and emotions of others so we can offer support when it is needed – even if it hasn’t been requested of us.

We embrace collective wisdom

We see value in each person no matter their age, gender or ethnicity. We understand that we are better, smarter and more powerful together.

We resist old paradigms and rules that contain us

We commit to casting aside beliefs that limit our potential. We see new possibilities and are willing to take small steps that allow us to move forward and become who we want to be.

We own our choices

We recognize that we make decisions every day that shape our future, our success and our happiness. We don’t blame or shame. We apologize when we’ve made a mistake or mis-stepped, particularly when it has caused harm to others.

In addition to our guiding principles, we have practical rules of engagement for all Equipt programming to ensure that everyone can thrive in our community:

  • We strictly prohibit and will not tolerate any of the following:
    • Defamatory, indecent, offensive, profane, discriminatory, misleading, unlawful, or threatening comments.
    • Personal attacks, name-calling, trolling and any other cyber or verbal abuse.
    • Spamming, posting promotional material, or posting links to third party websites.
    • Coordinated group attacks of any kind
  • We reserve the right to delete comments at our discretion and block any repeat offenders. We will remove content that is offensive, fraudulent, deceptive or misleading.
  • We respect the life experiences and perspectives of all members. We celebrate, listen to, and learn from different viewpoints.
  • Be mindful of the information you share. Please avoid posting any private information that easily identifies you or anyone else, such as your address, email address or phone number.

If you experience or witness any behavior that doesn’t follow our community guidelines, please contact us directly at All reports are kept confidential.