1:1 Coaching

Do you struggle to self-advocate at work? Do you want more clarity about the direction of your career? Do you need unbiased, and empowering support from a trusted expert?

Then, Equipt’s 1:1 coaching is for you!

  • Affordable. Executive-level coaching at an affordable price.
  • Actionable. Confidential conversations translate into actionable strategies for your
  • Pay as you go. No strings. No long-term commitment or contracts required.
3 easy steps to get started:
  • Select a coach who aligns with your needs or preferences (all sessions are 50 minutes)
  • Sign-up for 1:1 Coaching and we’ll email you a Calendly link that allows you to select a time for your coaching session (and receive a meeting invite and reminders)
  • Include any relevant context around the issue you want to discuss and a link to your LinkedIn profile is helpful (but not required)

What to expect during the coaching session:

  • Your coach will guide the session and manage the time, although you will drive the agenda
  • The session will begin with your coach asking you to briefly share your background and objectives
  • Together, you will explore a range of solutions, role-play, and develop your next steps
  • This is not a therapy session that looks backward but a coaching session that focuses on the present situation and your desired future
  • At the end of the session, you will feel heard, inspired, and empowered to take action with new clarity and confidence

Meet Our Coaches

Katy Mooney
Katy Mooney

Katy is an ICF-certified Executive Coach with over 16 years of coaching experience and a passion for helping people be their best. She has worked with a wide range of professionals – from C-suite executives to rising young talent – and taught hundreds of professional development classes to thousands of learners. Katy loves helping people learn and grow to experience more success and fulfillment. Her diverse career path and practical experience set her apart. Former attorney, brand strategist, marketing executive, consultant, and entrepreneur. She’s worked across industries for countless companies – from scrappy startups to world-class agencies to established global companies. Katy brings a wide lens to every conversation that informs the unique perspective she offers to her clients.

Katy can help you:

  • Discover your strengths and do more of what you love
  • Identify your values and make decisions based on them
  • Seek, give, and receive feedback in a skillful way
  • Navigate difficult conversations
  • Communicate more effectively with your manager or other colleagues
  • Drive your career with intention
  • Prepare for (or respond to) a performance review
  • Establish healthy habits that support your desired future


(includes a significant reduction from Katy’s executive coaching rate)

Darci Williams
Darci Williams

Darci is an ICF-certified Executive Coach who leads with a combination of heart and action. She’s a dynamic and energizing partner with a proven track record of coaching, developing, inspiring, and collaborating with leaders at all levels to achieve breakthrough results. Darci’s success spans a multitude of market segments including Healthcare, Digital Marketing & Advertising, Insurance, and startup. This variety in experience ensures appreciation for nuances in culture, as well as a thorough understanding of the leadership capabilities required to be successful across the board.

Darci can help you:

  • Evaluate what’s next (in your career or otherwise)
  • Support navigating a difficult transition
  • Embrace a growth mindset and an attitude of experimentation
  • Reframe the stories you tell yourself in order to better serve you
  • Discover your authentic leadership style
  • Learn leadership strategies, tools, and behaviors to maximize your influence
  • Establish foundational self-leadership habits and behaviors
  • Prepare for an upcoming interview or key meeting


(includes a significant reduction from Darci’s executive coaching rate)

Kelly Mooney
Kelly Mooney

A long-time equity and empowerment advocate for women, Kelly founded Equipt Women to provide the career roadmap and community she wished she’d had as a young professional. Today, she helps women believe in themselves, build career confidence and earn the total compensation they deserve. Kelly began her career as a designer, shifted to marketing, and ultimately became the CEO and co-owner of the largest women-owned and operated digital agency in the United States. She and her business partner sold the agency to IBM in 2016. Kelly is a mom, public speaker, and published author and has been featured in major media outlets.

Kelly can help you:

  • See bigger possibilities for yourself today and in the future
  • Build your own board (BYOB) to accelerate your career
  • Network with more confidence, focus and impact
  • Embrace your ambition and ignore the naysayers
  • Determine if you should stay or if you should go
  • Prepare for and role-play a compensation review meeting
  • Self-advocate more effectively in a male-dominated culture
  • Navigate the challenges of building a career and raising a family


(To pay it forward, 100% of this service is donated to help single parents at community colleges receive emergency funds for food security, textbooks, childcare, mental wellness, tuition assistance, and transportation)

“I am more equipt

You may be able to take our courses for free! 

Learn how to persuade your organization to invest in you with our employer reimbursement tips. 

You have questions?
We have answers.

Explore our Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join Equipt Women’s Programs?

Equipt was created by women for women to help overcome systemic gender inequities in the workplace. We welcome all those who identify as a woman, non-binary, or gender non-conforming. Our programs are designed for young professional women who are within the first ten years of their career or who are seeking support, empowerment and new skills.

We are actively seeking collaborators. If you share our mission and are interested in getting engaged with us as a mentor, coach, sponsor or donor, click here to get started.

Do you offer group rates?
Yes, for groups of 5 or more. Contact us for details.
Do you offer private cohorts?
Yes! Our programs were originally created to provide multi-company cohorts where women learn with others in different organizations and simultaneously build supportive networks. However, based on the interest we’ve received from organizations for private cohorts (participants from a single organization only), we now offer that option with a minimum of 30 participants. Contact us to learn more.
What is the difference between the Equipt Academy℠ and Coaching Pods℠?

The Equipt Academy℠ is a curated learning journey for people who enjoy  live courses and want to dive deep for a short amount of time. There are three levels designed to be experienced over 2-3 years. Each level is a multi-week experience that  includes live classes led by expert instructors, group coaching, role playing and peer group support. Coaching Pods℠ are groups of 8-12 peers who meet online once per month for two hours, led by a certified coach. Coaching Pods are ideal for women who want to connect, learn and grow over the course of one year, but don’t have the time to dedicate to a course.

Both the Equipt Academy and Coaching Pods are designed specifically for young professional women seeking career advancement and transformation. You can learn more about our offerings here.

Do I have to sign up for all three of the Equipt Academy℠ programs at once?

No. Each program has its own sign-up. Currently, Momentum is the only Academy program available for sign-up, and participants are not obligated to sign-up for additional levels when they are available, although we encourage it.😉

When does the next Academy program start?

Thank you for your interest in our Academy program. Please contact us for more information at 

When does the next Coaching Pod℠ start?

Enrollment for Coaching Pods occurs on a rolling basis. Complete our Interest Form and we’ll let you know when we’ve matched you to your coach and peer group.

Do you offer a free trial for Equipt Academy and/or Coaching Pods?

No, and here’s why. The Academy and Coaching Pods are designed to cultivate clarity, connection and commitment in a confidential setting over a period of time. They are not intended to be experienced on a drop-in or trial basis. It's also not a great experience for the women who have signed up for the full commitment.

Do you have any age restrictions?

We recognize career trajectories exist independently of age. However, our programs are designed for young women in their 20’s and 30’s and in the first ten years of their professional career.

Do you offer financial aid to individuals?

We are an inclusive learning community and strive to make our programming available to as many people as possible. We offer free events and low-cost workshops to be as accessible as possible. We recognize that some women who want to participate may not have the financial means, be employed or have the support of their employers. As a result, we dedicate a portion of our seats in each Academy program to need-based scholarships. To be considered, apply here.

How can I get my employer to pay?

Most companies allocate budgets for employee growth and development and as a result, often reimburse employees for this type of investment. Check out our reimbursement tips and tricks

What is your cancellation policy?

We understand that life happens. We’ve created solutions that help participants and organizations navigate these changes and allow us to preserve the learning experience for every cohort.

We allow for one deferral that is redeemable within one year of the deferral request. In this one time offer, participants are able to defer to a future session of the same program at any time.

If a participant chooses to withdraw from the program, a full refund will be given provided the request occurs in writing before the end of the first week. For example, if a session begins on January 24th, deferral requests must be made by Monday, January 31st.

No withdrawals or refunds are possible after the first 7 days of the program.

Does this program offer a certification?

Yes, after submitting a Game Plan, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of every Equipt Academy program.

Didn’t see your question listed? Contact us!

We’re happy to help you with any and all questions at

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