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Unapologetically Ambitious

✨ Unapologetically Ambitious ✨EDITION 14 / JANUARY 2023 “She’s too ambitious. Too assertive. Money-driven. Status-seeking.” Or… “She’s not ambitious enough. Too distracted by family. Lacks drive....

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Equipt Women’s Best of 2022

✨ Equipt Women's Best of 2022 ✨DECEMBER 2022 As a public benefit corporation and early-stage startup, it’s easy to get lost in the barrage of daily details, tasks and decisions. The path forward is...

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Mental Wellness Impacts All of Us

❤️‍🩹 Mental Wellness Impacts All of Us ❤️‍🩹EDITION 11 / SEPTEMBER 2022   Mental health awareness wasn’t a “thing” when I was growing up. If I was struggling or needed support, my mom would tell...

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BYOB for Work.Life 

💃 BYOB for Work.Life 💃EDITION 10 / AUGUST 2022   Surprise! This is not an invitation to bring your own booze to work. (Although there might be days when that is tempting 😜) Instead, BYOB is an...

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The Secret? Play to Your Strengths

​​“What are your strengths?” is a common, sometimes dreaded, question in a job interview. Most of us respond to the question based on a definition we learned as kids: Strengths are activities we’re good at. Simple. Yet, we often end up in careers doing things we’re good at, but don’t enjoy. Even more, the things we’re “good at” may drain us. What gives?

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Connect With Your Inner Compass

🧭 Connect With Your Inner Compass to Create a Work.Life You Really Want 🧭EDITION 8 / JUNE 2022 When I was 23, my first manager suggested I write down my values. I wasn’t sure what that meant. What...

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The Myth of Balance

The Myth of BalanceEDITION 5 / MARCH 2022 Work.Life balance. A familiar topic that often mystifies us as we strive to cultivate healthy relationships and meaningful work. How can work and life...

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More Self Love

More Self LoveEDITION 4 / FEBRUARY 2022 On Valentine’s Day, you may be excited to shower your love and affection on a partner, spouse, friend, or maybe a parent or child. Go for it! It’s a great...

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Reflecting and Resettting

Reflecting and Resetting EDITION 3 / JANUARY 2022 The new year is a chance to reflect and reset.Yet the average person has abandoned their resolutions by February 1 and 68% of people even sooner...

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Marry Well in 2022 and Beyond

Did you read that title and roll your eyes? Did you question your decision to click and read further? Were you confused because Equipt is about empowering women, not sending women on a quest for...

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Know Thy Self 

Know Thy Self EDITION 1 / NOVEMBER 2021 What kind of life do you want? Isn’t that a big question we all seek to answer? Yet, it’s not easy. Some people graduate from college and are super clear –...

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Healthy Holidays

🌲❄️ Happy Healthy Holidays🌲❄️EDITION 2 / DECEMBER 2021 The weather has shifted, twinkly lights cheer up neighborhoods, and there’s frenetic energy in the air. It’s exhilarating.And...

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A Climb to the Clubhouse

When I was growing up, my dad and my brothers built a clubhouse in our backyard. It was quite possibly the coolest thing a 6-year-old could ever hope for: a separate, private place to hang out with...

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